Thursday, 16 June 2022

36. Career Tips: Getting employed in a job you want

Getting a good job is very difficult for young veterinary graduates without experience as there are more competitors nowadays. My advice is to beef up your experience by working in smaller clinics. Hard work and contribution to your industry take up a lot of personal time e.g. charity work. There is long hours of work too. 

There will be graduates who have good connections and network from their parents and friends. They are fortunate. During interviews with prospective employers, you will get no or negative feedback. Look at negative feedbacks as learning experiences, rather than be discouraged. 


35. Photography of vegetables in a supermarket tip.

 PHOTOGRAPHY TIP by Dr Sing Kong Yuen. Where do you focus in this case?

I focus on the brocoli in the centre of the view. I use single central focus on my DSLR Canon EOs 90D Camera, using P Mode.

This photo has been cropped as the bigger photo shows apples on the upper side. So the mid point of the photo where I focus on the brocoli will be not at mid point in this image. 

Practise makes perfect. I do not know whether this image is acceptable by yet. 

Is asparagus a vegetable, a fruit, or an herb? Have you wondered too? 

Often seen as a sign that spring has come, asparagus is a delicious addition to many springtime dishes, including salads and veggie-filled frittatas. 

Asparagus (left, bottom) is a nutrient-dense perennial vegetable that grows in temperate climates around the world.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

33. Adversity in Life - Peter Sage's talk "How to become your best when life gives you its worst".


16 Jun 2022. I recommend highly that youngsters watch this TED Talk.

How to become your best when life gives you its worst by Peter Sage.

1. He wrote a story in prison that is not about the person. He wrote "Mud or Stars." Two persons behind prison bars. One saw mud, the other saw stars." 

Your environment never define you, you define yourself. 

  1. He wrote a book to raise the prisoner's mindset to give them hope, rather than skills set (to become better criminals).

CONCLUSION: Everyone will experience adversity in life. Look what you can learn and become than what you can lose.


32. Why should you acquire digital imaging skills when you are young?


Acquire digital imaging skills through daily photography. You will find such skills very useful in your career and daily life. To do that, you have to be convinced that these skills are valid for your future. 

1.  DSLR CAMERAS OR HANDPHONES. Handphones are good but DSLR cameras give much sharper close-ups and zooms. Whichever you use, the important thing is to practise photography daily and process the photos to be good.

2. DOCUMENT your best photos in a blog for later references and to monitor your experiences. The reason for using a blog is that it has a 'SEARCH' function for your few thousand articles written over the year. 

3. Earn a PASSIVE income from photography. I started posting my best images at in Sep 2019. As at 14 Jun 2022, I have sold 1,064 downloaded images and 5 videos, earning US$326.15. If you are calculating, this amount is not worth the time spent as I have earned US$0.30/download! But I don't have to worry about maintenance, marketing and getting payments. 

My buyers are global. This is passive income which depends on the quality and type of images buyers WANT. My wildlife photos do not sell as there are much better ones from competitors and I am a beginner in wildlife photography.

4. Digital skills TO SHARE YOUR PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE.  I started around 25 years ago for my professional veterinary case studies and record the images in my website, when the world wide web or internet started. The webpages started as grey and white, but now, you get colours. Prospective clients view your case studies as you take time to share. 

CONCLUSION. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS. Use the ‘P’ Mode as a beginner. Later, you will learn to use the Manual and other modes. For the birds shown as examples in this blog, I use the Canon DSLR EOS 90D, 18-200 mm lens. 

P Mode, AF, single point focus, continuous mode. Hand-held, bright 9-11 AM sunshine helps get good pictures. Focus on the bird’s eye.



Singapore Wildlife – Two or three Ring-necked parakeets flew by the Lentor Loop area. They ate pomegranates outside the two houses.


Singapore Wildlife – One Ring-necked parakeet at Lentor Street's substation roof.


Large images for sale at Shutterstock

31. You can take excellent photos using your latest handphone!

To: Young People

I encourage handphone owners to take a photo a day...not of themselves but of life around you - and learn how to take beautiful photos like this seaman who does not see his family for 9 months. 

Now he is on 3 months' leave. When the money is spent, he goes to the seas as earnings are around US$3,500 per month. At home, he may earn US$200 per month if he gets a job.

This handphone photo was sharp as shutterstock rejects blurry photos. Its size is less 
than what is required, so I add a white border around it to make up for the size.

The handphones below are NOT ACCEPTED by shutterstock
as they are not focused! 

30. How to take a sharp image of The Merlion.

How to get a sharp image of the Merlion statue.

16 Jun 2022

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP from Dr Sing Kong Yuen

FOCUS on the eye of the Merlion

Bright sunshine at around 10.30 AM, Saturday is a favourable factor to get sharp images. Tourism has increased since land borders are open from 1 Apr 2022.

I focused Canon DSLR 90D on the eye of the Merlion and got this sharp image of the statue. "P' mode. Lens 18-200mm

Lean on a pole or some support, if any, to get sharp images of the eye.

A surprisingly sharp image of the Merlion - can see the black of the eye.


I take photos every day. At least one photo of the sceneries, street photography, buildings so that
I can better my skills over the last 10 years. Now I use Lightroom and Photoshop mainly. Such software was not so sophisticated 5 years ago.

Friday, 4 December 2020

29. Advices For Young People. Create, not consume

4 Dec 2020. 

There is the perception that the younger generation is not into hard work and sacrifices of time out of office hours to build up the business, especially inherited ones.



If you are an employee, do know that your boss will hire a younger and less expensive replacement in time to come as intense competition makes pricing cut-throat.   

Make use of every second of your free time to acquire new skills by creating products or services, rather than spending a lot of time on computer gaming and watching movies. 

2.  TRAVEL INSIGHTS.  When you travel, be aware of the culture and businesses, rather than go from one point to another sight-seeing. 

For example, headwear sales in Chaung Tha Beach in Myanmar. The average tourist will do sight-seeing. 

However, if you look deeper, you will see the business aspects of the headwear sales---niche marketing.  How such sales person can earn a living. You have the sales strategy. Those people sells just one product or diverse products, doing cross-selling a related product and what customers are targeted.   

Young people to create, not just consume for their future 
when they are no longer young and strong to be an employee

Beach goer with children

Focus on one product to sell

More sources of revenue hopefully

Beach goers---younger generation and families

Different category of products for beach wear

Beach goers

Create your products to sell.
Focus on a niche market e.g. headwear in this example
Know who are your competitors and customers 
Product diversification
Don't expect instant success. Many failures.
Hard work and perseverance