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25. Advices For Young People. An eternally stressful environment.

ADVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLEAn eternally stressful environment

Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow)

After a recent dinner, the 76-year-old man said “hello” to me, made some small talk and approached my host inside the kitchen. He confided: “Your mother is against inviting the scroungers to your house for dinner!”    

Two years ago, this beady-eyed stout ex-employee warned Mrs Wong about my wife and I being scroungers as we were frequent dining guests.  One time, she banned him after he said unkind words about my wife.  But Mr Tan texted messages to her including: "I am an old, lonely and penniless man".  Mrs Wong would give him money and buy him apparel and incontinence pads. Besides being intimidated by his sharp tongue, her staff tolerates his foul smell of urine as he loiters to hitch a ride from Mrs Wong to her home for dinner.    

My situation is similar to yours IF your boss reneged on her promise not to  renew an abusive senior employee’s contract. Now he schemes to get colleagues to gang up against you.  Just as what Mr Tan did to me.    

IF your male friend is interested in you running errands and baby-sitting his son, but not in an intimate relationship. If you need anti-anxiety medication and become very thin. Talk to your close friends. Listen to their advices. Block his phone number rather than obsess with whether he has had texted back. 

All 3 situations are eternally stressful. Should you tolerate or exit? Only you can decide what is best for your mental health! Only you can love yourself. Tomorrow may never come.  May I wish you good luck.



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