Wednesday, 11 November 2020

28. Advices For Young People. How to acquire digital photography skills.


It is good to acquire digital photography skills, as in this example. 

I went to Hub Spoke Cafe on a Sunday morning. The sky was overcast. I saw around 2 butterflies in this small patch of flower plot in Terminal 2, Changi Airport. Singapore is urbanised and seeing a stationary yellow butterfly at eye level with bright 10 am sunlight on it is a rare opportunity.  Most yellow butterflies I see in Singapore, seldom stop fluttering. I always carry my camera with me as such occasions happen suddenly.  

Seeing one in good health (no tattered wings, colours vibrant, not dirtied by wear and tear) and sipping nectar, at eye level, under bright morning sunlight, is a rare sighting. 

The dark clouds parted and the sun rays shone on this bougainvilla flowers, directing me to this beautiful butterfly.  I took 3 shots from around 15 feet away. It flew off as I approached it.

Original photo, not photoshopped. Square format
Sunlight rays shone on butterfly at around 10 am
Focused on the eye, Handheld.

"P" mode
, Image stabilisation, single point focus, autofocus
Canon DSLR EOS 90D,  18-200 mm EFS lens

I crop photo 16:9
No photoshopping in this image as the lighting was excellent

A photo from the internet. Be aware of copyright or trademark infringement. 

I used Photoshop 2021. "Select and Mask".  Click "Subject". 
Save as .PNG file (transparent background).
I use "File" --- "Place Embed" above .PNG file into the 16:9 file.  See the file below:

In conclusion, the "P" Mode permits you to take most photos without the need to use the "M" mode and to set ISO, Aperture Priority, as the subject butterfly may not stay still anytime. 

Focus on the eye and shoot. This is the only photo that does not need any Photoshopping as almost all photos need to adjust contrast etc.  

The smartphone is not able to focus on the eyes as compared to the "single point" "high continuous speed" setting of the DSLR camera. Hence, your smartphone is unlikely to get a sharp butterfly photo.

Another tip.
Use Photoshop 2021. "Filter"---"Neural filter". You can get a different image as follows:

Hard work and lots of practice are needed to succeed in any field. If you have any queries, do let me know.