Wednesday, 16 May 2018

17. NEW SKILLS. Images of the moon and sun

There appears to be a dragon in the moon?

eye-like moon

16. Health care Good health in a young lady

You can see that this young lady is in excellent health.

1. General appearance. Healthy.
2. Weight. Not thin.

Many of her peers in eat very little to remain very slim or ate snacks when hungry. They will order several dishes at a restaurant and eat 10%.

These are not good practices if they want long-term health or babies. After marriage, many put on too much weight and do not monitor their high cholesterol levels which may lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

15. INTERNS. Images of Singapore scenes and buildings for video creations

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

14. NEW SKILLS. Acquire digital photography skills. Tourism photography

May 8, 2018, 10 am - 11.30 am. Bright sunshine.  Esplanade and Merlion, Singapore. Tourists.
Acquire skills of digital photography by practice.

I share how the following photos were taken by me.

Canon DSLR EOS 70D, Lens  EFS 55-250mm

P mode, AF, Stabiliser On, One point AF, Continuous Mode 

Photoshop Adobe CC

It takes around 3 hours to process selected photos for posting on this webpage.

Young people must have the 4 virtues:
persistence, determination, confidence and humility.
Learn to cultivate a clear mindset and not let negative thoughts get in the way.
Acquire new skills like digital photography.  

At the Esplanade

A tour manager needs to account for the number of travellers before the coach moves to a new destination. Much stress for her since many travellers do not bother to be punctual or be together.  

Use shadow/highlights in Adobe to lighten up the face. It was in deep shadows originally.

Sitting on the railing can be rsiky as the child can fall into the sea.

Taking pictures of two senior citizens, probably her dad and uncle.
The boy is not interested in presentation

A Singapore tour guide managed to elicit smiles from the presentation.

Aged mother takes photos for daughter

Posing for photo on the Esplanade Bridge

At the Merlion

At this spot, many tourists pose with "surrender" hands. I cannot figure why.

A vivacioous lady friend

Good friends visiting Singapore

Good health shows in her smile

Tourists enjoy taking photos in the Merlion area. In December 2017, the Merlion was dirty and the spout had rust stains. I wrote to the Singapore Tourism Board to let the officials know it was an eye sore for photographers. No reply from the Board. Today, I note the Merlion had been painted white and looks great on photography.